Galerie ZK

Trong Gia Nguyen   |  NEO-THEO
7/21/2010 - 9/11/2010   |  Finissage 9/11/2010


NEO-THEO by New York artist Trong Gia Nguyen is an emblematically expressive installation in which the unspoken gestalt of our political framework surrounds the viewer in a bird - like swarm of saluting images. Unquestioning acceptance of authority and fatally simplified thinking are de jour, the one-sided gestures ghostly in the white noise of a supposedly neutral room. Left and right cancel each other, forming two wings of one bondage, alternativeless, binary totalitary.




As an accompanying toy to relax, we are pleased to present the Magic Square Puzzle Cube, 1976 by Humanitarians not Heroes.

The HNH Magic Square Puzzle Cube is a dizzying game of mathematics, and not for the faint of heart. In Dürer's time, magic squares were considered charms against the plague.

Magic Square Puzzle Cube, 1976   |  Humanitarians not Heroes
Handmade Puzzle Cube, 12x12cm, 2005  |  € 1000